How does PUSHR billing work?

PUSHR uses a smart hourly billing system built to let you pay for the exact amount of resources you are using in any given day, providing you with the flexibility to control your expenses and allocate more resources to your zones with a single click, in real time, when needed.
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What are bandwidth and storage blocks?

Bandwidth and Storage are sold by PUSHR in blocks (also called increments). Each block equals 100 units. Thus 100Mbps or 100GB, for bandwidth and storage respectively. When purchased, the blocks are added to your existing allocations and appear as one consolidated resource. You can change the amount of bandwidth and storage allocated to you on a daily basis, and this will not incur any pro-rated fees or overages.
Allocated bandwidth is avaliable across all PUSHR locations at any time. There is no hard split on your bandwidth allocation and each edge location is capable of pushing 100% of your bandwidth allowance when needed.

What is an account credit?

You transfer funds from your PayPal account to your PUSHR account, which you then use to pay for your services.

If I don't use all my credit in a given month, does it expire?

Your account credit has no expiration date and will always be available to you unless you close your account or your account has been suspended.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

PUSHR offers a free 7 day trial with 100Mbps unmetered bandwidth and 50GB free storage. During this trial no payment is required. We believe the best way for you to test our service out is to simply jump in and start using it for free. As such, there is no money-back guarantee.

How is the hourly rate of my account calculated?

We divide the fixed monthly price of a service by the total amount of hours in the given month.

1 bandwidth block (100Mbps) allocation in the month of March:
$25/744 = $0.0336 per hour

How does this add up?

The amount from the above example is deducted from your total account credit once per hour. In the end of the month this equals $25. If you've allocated 200Mbps to your account, the price per hour would be double and would add up to a total of $50.

And if scale up and down every day?

Feel free to do that at any time of the day. Each hour we will perform the calculation from the above example and will deduct only the amount for the current hour. No more, no less.

How often can I scale my zones? (Updated)

Zone scaling is a compute-intensive process which PUSHR handles by introducing a 24 hour cool-down period after every even scaling event to ensure smooth operation of your zone(s), as well as to prevent system abuse.
This means that you are allowed to scale up as soon as you need to, and to scale back down as soon as you no longer need the additional bandwidth/storage, paying for only what you've used, when you've used it. After the second scaling operation, your zone enters the cool-down period and can not be scaled back up until 24 hours have passed since the last scaling operation.

Is storage billed the same way?

Yes, storage is billed the same way.

Which services are not subject to hourly billing?

Only bandwidth and storage are subject to hourly billing.
Paid zone features (eg. Smart Firewall, Secure Tokens) are billed on a monthly basis, in the begining of the month, if they are active in your account.
If you've used them but no longer need them, make sure to turn them off before the begining of the next month, or our system will deduct their monthly cost from your account credit.

When will my invoice be generated?

Your invoice is generated on the first day of the month and reflects your usage in the past month. At this point we have used your credit to fund the services in your account and you don't owe anything. The invoice is considered paid.

VAT tax for EU citizens

PUSHR is required by law to apply VAT (value added tax) to all invoices generated for customers from the European Union, unless they provide a valid VAT number. As of 2015, the applied VAT amount for digital services is the current VAT rate in the customer's country of residence. Your VAT amount will be calculated at the time of generation of your invoice (the 1st day of each month) and will be applied to it's total amount. The funds required to cover the VAT tax will then be automatically deducated from your account's credit. VAT is not applicable to customers which are located out of the EU.

Current Pricing

All prices are on per zone basis. Resources can not be shared between zones.
Bandwidth, Storage and Requests blocks are required for your zone(s) to be operational. The minimum bandwidth allocation is 1 block (100Mbps). 50GB storage/month + 1 HTTP requests block (100,000 requests)/month are included for free with every zone. All other add-ons are optional.

Integration services:

Unless explicitly specified otherwise above, all other services and actions available within your account dashboard are free, including but not limited to scaling operations, zone shield, HTTP referer blocking, IP blocking, User-Agent blocking and additional zones setup.